Travelling to Bangladesh?  



  I have an opportunity to go to Bangladesh from the end of May to mid-June. How safe is it to travel around there (particularly for an American) and what should I consider in making my decision?

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It is totally save. Bangladeshi people are very guest lover.Need some care on food. and May and June is summer season. Light dress is better for this season. For woman formal dress is better.


Thank what about there culture, nature ? and beautiful places ?


Bangladesh is a beautiful country located in South Asia. Travelling to Bangladesh at your vacation or any other occasions can lead to exciting experience. There are many beautiful places to visit such as sea beach, natural beauty, archaeological place dating back thousands of years. The country as a vacation land has many facets. Her tourist attractions include historic mosques and monuments, archaeological sites, picnic spots, resorts, beaches, forest and wildlife.. Those are beautiful in different season. Nature is incredible beautiful at different seasons.

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