Reach Australia by boat ?  



Hi everyone,

I'm planning a big trip at the end of 2019 and i was wondering if there is any chance to reach Australia by boat from Indonesia ? (or plane is the only option here ?)

Thanks in advance for your answers

4 Answers

Only cruise ships and yachts (maybe you can hitch a ride from Benoa/Kuta to Australia, did meet several times in cheap Kuta accomodations people ho had there yachts in Benoa harbor).


Thank you ulis ! I've taken due note of this


If money is not an issue, there are also many large cargo vessels that take a certain number of passengers. The prices of these will equal a cruise, though.


Going by air is still the best option you can employ. there are no many ferries doing that because of the high competition between them and the cheap airfare to Bali. so if you are using the sea, you shouldn't expect more than a 2-star or a 3-star service. So going by sea you be your last option, my friend!


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