Air Travel in Australia  



Air travel in much cheaper is it to order tickets in advance compared to within a few days?

Here in the states you get punished severely if you don't get your tickets well in advance.

I was curious so I did a quick search experiment with ticket prices for getting around Australia. I searched the same flights within 1 week and then about 2 months out and it appeared that the price was close to the same. If that's true.... I am thrilled because I could be more flexible with my plans. If its not true then I will just have to be more diligent in my planning because my dream trip to Oz includes much flying.

My overall plan was to be flexible and if I liked an area I would stay longer...or not...etc

2 Answers

We booked a few months in advance with Tiger Air, Brisbane to Melbourne and got it for $50. 7 months in total in Aus and that is the only domestic flight i have taken


It seems once you get there you can get around much by air much cheaper than in the US.


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