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Hello dear neighbours! I’m going to Tbilisi tonight for educational reasons and thinking of swinging by Yerevan after spending 3 days in Tbilisi. Though I have some questions about Yerevan and Armenia; 1- I would really like to have conversations with the locals and get to know them (I can only speak english and french) How would it be possible? Would I get bad reactions because of my nationality? 2- As a student, I’ve got a limited budget. Where do you think it would be inexpensive to stay in town? 3- Since I don’t have a driver license, I won’t be able to rent a car and drive around the city, so I’ll probably be stuck in town. What are the must sees or must do s (attractions, restaurants, bars, clubs etc.) in Yerevan in your opinion? As a tourist I trust the locals more than tourist blogs! 4- I will definitely visit the Genocide Memorial. Would I have any trouble inside because of my nationality?

That was all. Sorry for the weird ones, I’m kind of hesitated but can’t miss the chance to see your beautiful country! Thanks in advance 🙂

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You wont have any trouble with locals because of your nationality. Be nice to people and they will repay you with the same.For your stay- the best option for you is a hostel. They are cheap and nice, especially for young people as yourself. The one that comes to mind is JR's place or something like that.If you plan to stay for only a day or two you do t need a car at all. You can use taxi to move around. They are cheap- 2$ top anywhere in town.


Cheers mate!


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