Extended family trip  



We're going to Sedona in 2 weeks. Staying a week, will be spending a night in GC. My sis in law is planning the trip, I thought i'd do a little research myself.




What are must sees at both places. Any fees we should know about?




A family of two 70's, three in their 40's, and a 8 and a 10 yr old.

3 Answers

There will be a $30 per car entry fee at the Grand Canyon.


The 70 year olds would qualify for the lifetime senior pass (if they are American citizens) which is now $80


or they can purchase a year pass for $20 if you don't have plans to visit any other NP With that pass they can take in 4 adults in the same car free. All children under 16 are admitted free. You must all be in the same vehicle to be admitted with one pass. You can purchase it at the gate or online.


Take everyone to Rainbow Trout Farm and bring quarters to feed the fish. Your family can fish too, they will take it off the hook and filet it, BBQS onsite. Drive further north and stop at Dairy Queen to see Native American jewlery/tri nkets. Choose hiking trails based on the your most vulernable family member, and bring water on your hikes


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