Alaska cruise from Canada  



My hubby and I are planning a trip to Canada in September and are considering doing a cruise to Alaska while there. We are trying to choose between a 7 day cruise with Holland (Vancouver roundtrip) and a 12 day cruise with Oceania (Vancouver to San Francisco). We are both in our forties and prefer a more laid back atmosphere. The Oceania cruise appeals to us as we were planning on visiting San Francisco before flying back to Brisbane.


Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with these companies that might help us make a decision?

1 Answer

If you were planning on visiting San Francisco anyway, then the Oceania one has an obvious advantage. I expect you mean this cruise departs Vancouver on Sept. 27: Link? I assume you're not interested in bear-viewing tours because that is too late in the year for them in Alaska. Though you could always do one in BC before the cruise. Too late for sled dog tours on glaciers and a few other excursions. But if those aren't of interest, it won't matter to you. Just make sure the excursions you do want are available.


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