Famous Attractions Near Me : Top Attractions In London

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Famous Attractions Near Me : Top Attractions In London

London may not be cheap but many attractions are free, and there are many attractions. Here you will find an overview of the top Attractions In London. We have described some of the attractions you need to consider near you. Some sights and attractions are free, for some you have to pay. If you want to visit multiple paid hotspots, it is soon more advantageous to buy a London Pass. This tourist card gives you free entrance to dozens of sights, museums, and attractions. You can purchase the London Pass with free transport beforehand via the Internet. We have made the whole process less stressful with the list of the various attractions near you:

Top Attractions In London

1. Shopping around Oxford Circus

Shopping around Oxford Circus-Top Attractions In London

The great attraction around Oxford Circus subway station is without a doubt the many shopping opportunities and one of the top attractions in London. London’s two most important shopping streets cross each other here on Oxford Circus. In Oxford Street shopping street you will find the big department stores and in Regent Street are the stores of the big brands. In addition to these two shopping streets, you will find the trendy boutiques of Carnaby Street and Soho’s restaurants and pubs.

2. London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is a big Ferris wheel in central London. When the London Eye was built in 1999, it was a giant Ferris wheel in the world. The total height is 135 meters. The Ferris wheel has 32 closed cabins so you can make around in all weather conditions. Such a round with stunning views over London takes half an hour.

3. Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the Thames. This futuristic shaped bridge was the first new bridge since the Tower Bridge from 1894. The Millennium Bridge was open for three days in the year 2000. Vibrations have caused the bridge to be closed until February 2002 to solve this problem. The Millennium Bridge is beautifully situated between the Tate Modern and the Northern Bank. If you are heading north, look straight onto the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

4. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

This is the residence of the British head of state. The palace is west of central London. The palace is only available for a limited period: during the summer months when the queen is in Scotland. There is a daily tour for which you have to buy tickets beforehand. Throughout the year, the ceremonial shift of the guard is the natural highlight for tourists heading to Buckingham Palace.

5. Musicals


London is a city where musicals and theater make a popular outing. The musicals in London are considered to be the best in the world. Musicals fans who should not take the opportunity to attend such an event in London will not be allowed to shoot. Popular musicals in London are The Lion King, Mama Mia! and We Will Rock You.

6. Tower of London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a London building complex that has had many different functions like fort, arsenal, prison, and palace. Today, The Tower is a famous tourist attraction where you can admire the British crown jewels.

7. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

This square is one of London’s most famous squares. Trafalgar Square is a spacious square that thanks to its name to the seafront at Trafalgar. The striking object on the square is Nelson’s Column. On the fifty-foot-high column stands the statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who came to life during this sea battle.

8. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The Gothic Abbey Westminster Abbey occupies a prominent place within the royal family of the United Kingdom. In this church, sixteen marriages took place for members of the royal family for nine centuries. Also, several British people have found their last resting place, including Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Charles Dickens.

9. Parks

Parks in London

London counts quite a lot of parks, which provide the city with green and oxygen. Some parks in London were initially private grounds of British monarchs but became public parks over time. Examples include Green Park, Hyde Park, and St. James’s Park. These parks are still referred to as the Royal Parks of London. The parks have an essential recreational April in London’s daily life. This way you will see in the parks playgrounds and skate parks. Some parks are also used for events such as pop concerts and cultural events. In Hyde Park, you will find the Princess Diani Memorial Fountain.

10. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

The Piccadilly Circus square is one of London’s most famous squares. It is often seen as the center of London, although geographically there is a small part of it. Piccadilly Circus is especially notable because of the beautiful lights that are especially noticeable during the evenings. The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, located in the square, is an accessible resting point in the city. The steps of the fountain are therefore often occupied by resting tourists.

11. Walk along the Thames

Walk along the Thames

The Thames is the river that flows through the city. This river is England’s largest river and an important waterway in Great Britain. For those who are lucky enough to visit London on a sunny day, the Thames is an excellent base for exploring the city. Get down on one of the many benches and enjoy the fantastic views of, among other things, the most famous London Bridge, the Tower Bridge. Also along the Thames, you will find the famous Tower of London. London sights

12. Kensington

Royal Crescent, Kensington

Like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, feel like a movie star when you walk through the Kensington district (in the west of the city) with its colorful mansions and cozy shops. The Nothing Hill movie has been recorded here, making the region a famous tourist attraction of the town.

13. Chinatown

Chinatown, london

Every Asia enthusiast with a home to this vast continent must visit the Chinatown area. Chinatown is located in the Soho district and is packed with Chinese restaurants where you can eat your belly for a few Euros, Tokos and souvenir shops. The atmosphere is chaotic, and the scents bring you back to Asia. Chinatown is easily accessible from Piccadilly Circus. It is one of the most beautiful and top attractions in London.

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  • Alfie



    I’ve always dreamed of taking a ride on the Ferris wheel. When my mom took my sister and me for vacation in London, the first place I requested to visit is the London Eye. We got there and met a long queue. I almost cried when I thought we won’t make it to the top. When we got on, I couldn’t keep my excitement. It was an amazing experience and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. I can’t wait to visit again though.

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