Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Oahu, Hawaii

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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Oahu, Hawaii


This place is Hawaii’s birthplace of modern surfing and the centre of Honolulu’s magnificence. What makes it most prestigious is the ancient culture and customs held. It, therefore, remains the most lucrative and biggest tourist destination in all of Hawaii. It prides itself of the velvet green mountains and vast white sandy beaches with the sweet scent of hibiscus filling the ambience. There are many options for you to settle for a choice quickly. For example, Maui is known for its magical features while Kauai has the most attractive gardens. Perhaps it is the historical landmarks of Oahu coupled with rare natural sceneries, which make it a tourist destination for a long time in the future.

aloha hawaii

We all anticipate for vacations and days off because there is magic in travelling. Hawaii is one of the most favourite destinations in the world; you can make multiple repeat visit without getting bored at any single point.

Where to Chill

The island options here are overwhelming; you will find a relaxing point at every stop. The beach activities and harmony with the people in the islands are special about Hawaii. While there are islands all around the world, the topography in Hawaii distinguishes the Hawaii islands. The islands are of various kinds; some are ancient and offer you the vintage experience with boating activities while some are young and good for lone adventurers.

Some islands are near civilization while others barely have 3G coverage. The variety makes this place special; you might need to read multiple reviews and guides on Hawaii travel to identify the most suitable beach depending on your vacation preferences.

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You should not leave Hawaii without spending time in at least two of the islands. There are a lot of options; the more days you plan for vacation here, the better experience it will be. Irrespective of your preferences; whether you are travelling with family, as a couple, or alone, here are the best islands you should consider;

  1. Big Island
  2. Oahu
  3. Maui
  4. Molokai
  5. Kauai

Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is not only an excellent place to visit but also to stay. The weather is favourable throughout the year; it is also easy to adapt to the culture. Besides, it is more of a cosmopolitan; you will find all kinds of people in the islands speaking different languages. Most of the traders here are multi-lingual because of all the year-round tourists. There are good neighbourhoods in the islands for your children.

moving to hawaii (1)

If you are intending to move to Hawaii, you should do extensive research on the different types of islands basing on your family needs and preferences. Obviously, you will have to consider more factors than when vacationing. You have to be sure of security, social, and religious needs are all catered for.

Here are some helpful tips for moving to any of these islands;

Emergency fund

If you are an expert in backpacking, you probably don’t have an issue with surprises and uncomfortable living. But travelling is different from making a home in Hawaii. You would be better off with a huge amount of cash in the emergency fund. Some people can move without emergency funds and quickly find creative ways of making money once they arrive on the island. However, if you are not sure of these you better save enough to make sure you last long to settle.

To rent a house in Hawaii, you will be required to pay the first month’s rent and a deposit of the same amount. The rates depend on the island and other economic factors.

backpacking expert

If you are not shipping a vehicle, be prepared to buy one because you will need it here for convenience. It is more of a necessity than a luxury. Furniture is the same case; you will have to buy if you skipped shipping costs.

The amazing cuisines in Hawaii come at a cost.

An emergency fund will help your mind to settle and find work or explore any money making ideas.

It’s a new world

Hawaii is relatively slow. Unlike the mainland where you will be moving from, life here is more relaxed. You should be keen to note the difference once you get off the plane. The locals are welcoming and enthusiastic about tourists; all essential services are available with standard efficiency. You should familiarize with the “Hawaiian time” as the first character of the people here. You have to be conscious to leave the mainland perception of life once you step in Hawaii; life will be more interesting if you are open minded to learn.

hawaii lifestyle

Of course, you will have expectations of the perfect island life. Hawaii is no short of fun and tranquillity. You will only be disappointed if you arrive with your mainland perception. You should be ready to embrace changes and learn the new culture. The faster you adapt to the new environment here earlier you enjoy your new home.

Know your priorities

Moving to Hawaii means you enjoy the reserved way of life. You must be having an idea of the islands hence your decision to make the outdoor life your lifestyle.

Life is different here. Let’s be honest, you won’t access all the good you had on the mainland. Once you get to Hawaii, you should change your perception of good. In the islands, happiness and satisfaction is more than material possession. Unless you plan to ship all your property to the islands, you will have to forget them; in fact, you better leave them in mainland because they won’t make much sense to you in Hawaii. It is a different world.

Before embarking on a vacation on the islands, you need to be prepared adequately with the clothes and equipment necessary so you will have the most fun. Here are some things that you need to know.

What is the best time to visit Ohau?

When to visit

  1. Weather

The best time to visit should be driest shoulder seasons (between June and September). Although you may visit the islands all year round, you should consider the weather conditions and the crowding times of tourists seasons. With only a dry and wet season, there is little to worry or plan for when planning on the island. Winter begins around November all the way to March or April. The remaining part of the year is basically summer and is dry, sunny and conducive for daily activities. If you want to spend a lot of your time here, you should consider arriving in May or June for an exciting four months to September or October. There will be plenty of sunny days with only a handful of island-wide storms. Swimming may be pretty rough but the surfers will be having the time of their lives. To be safe, you should check the national weather service’s forecast where you will be drilling down to your specific region. Unless there is a major storm coming, the rest of the forecasts have variations and should determine your stay as they are mostly inaccurate.

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  1. Peak Tourist Seasons

Checking out for tourists peak seasons is as important as the weather conditions too. If you get in at the wrong time, you could destroy your vacation. The visitors’ numbers could soar as high as 9 million tourists in one year. This is an average of 220,000 daily, but the numbers are highest during U.S school holiday seasons, summer, and Christmas breaks. You will not be amused by the high traffic at these times and the annoying high accommodation prices. The crowded beaches and hiking trails will not give you the peace of solitariness you seek from a far destination.

Living in Hawaii

  1. Military Housing

If you are in the Department of Defense and want to move with your family, there is an increasing number of military families settling in Ohau. Although it can be mind-blogging and challenging, with a little research, you can find a conducive place for your family. Military housing depends on the rank, marital status, and the number of dependents. Those who are married can either live in on-base housing or receive a basic allowance to live off base.

living in oahu hawaii

Civilians will require a military member to escort you into the military base. You also need legal photo ID and passport or driver’s license for identification.

  1. Volunteer work and Stay

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you will find appropriate places to spend your time. If you desire is to relax and unwind of the beach like most people, there are a lot of cheap locations in Maui to live. Big Island has many opportunities for those who want to work on volunteer activities and spend useful time on the island. Haleakala and Mauna are some of the best places to be.

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