The carnival of Viareggio is a carnival occasion yearly held within the Tuscan town of Viareggio, in Italy. it’s miles considered among the most renowned carnival celebrations in both Italy and Europe.

Viareggio Carnevale
Viareggio Carnevale

Its fundamental feature is given via the parade of floats and mask, commonly fabricated from paper-pulp, depicting caricatures of famous people, together with politicians, showmen and sportsmen; the parade is held on the viareggio road placed alongside the nearby seashore.

the carnival of viareggio fills an entire month of daylight hours and midnight festivities with parades of allegorical floats, neighborhood events, masked balls and fairs of all kinds.

Event Dates
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The first viareggio carnival parade turned into held in 1873, whilst some wealthy middle-elegance guys determined to organize a parade of floats adorned with vegetation; a number of local residents, as a signal of protest, then decided to place on masks so as to expose their refusal of excessive taxes they were pressured to pay. the first waft to win the parade, in 1883, become named i quattro mori (the 4 moors), an correctly representation of the homonymous livorno statue. the legitimate mascot of the viareggio carnival is burlamacco, first depicted in 1931 by way of uberto bonetti. on the grounds that 2001, all of the floats are built in an apposite seat, known as cittadella del carnevale (carnival fortress), positioned at the northern facet of the viareggio town territory.

Now a days

now a days

These days the carnival of viareggio is, even extra, the protagonist. Every 12 months on mardi gras the carnival of viareggio is live on countrywide tv (rai 3) to invade into television monitors of italy with the cheerfulness of its magnificent floats. Each 12 months well-known guests, politicians and sports figures are available viareggio to respect their paper – mâché effigy, in addition to lots of people, decree the success of the occasion.

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