Paro Tsechu Festival is one of the biggest event in Bhutan. Like other Tsechus, it held to honour Guru Rinpoche, who spread tantric Buddhism, that is practiced all over Himalayas (often called Tibetan Buddhism). Paro Tsechu is held from 11 till 15 of 2nd month in Bhutanese calendar in the spring, which falls end of March or April. Usually the first day of the festival is held inside the courtyard of the Dzong and on the final day (before dawn), a gaint Thangka or Thongdol, an silk allique of Guru Rinpoche is displayed. 

 The ‘Thangka, known in Bhutan as a ‘thongdroel’ is a religious picture scroll, and is only exhibited for a few hours at daybreak on the final day of the festival enabling the people to obtain its blessing. This holy scroll “confers liberation by the mere sight of it” (the meaning of the word ‘thongdroel’ in Bhutanese). This tour also takes advantage of the beautiful spring time growth with stunning hikes through the countryside to a Rhododendron forest in Phobjikha, as well as a visit to the Lamperi a Rhododendron Festival near Dochu La Pass. The sacred sites of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha are also featured.

Paro Tsechu Festival
Paro Tsechu Festival

The last day of the 4-day competition also marks the unfurling of the thongdrel, a very big scroll painting or thangka, that’s unfurled with extreme spiritual fervour, early inside the morning. This painting measuring 30 metres (ninety-eight toes)×45 metres (148 ft) has the pictures of padmasambhava at the centre flanked through his two consorts and also his 8 incarnations. Devotees who accumulate to witness this event offer obeisance in the front of the thongdrel searching for advantages. People dances are executed at the event. Earlier than sunrise, the painting is rolled up and saved in the dzong before it’s far displayed again 365 days later.

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