Obon is an annual Buddhist occasion for commemorating one’s ancestors. It is believed that every 12 months for the duration of obon, the ancestors’ spirits go back to this world so that it will go to their spouse and children.

Historically, lanterns are hung in the front of houses to manual the ancestors’ spirits, obon dances (bon odori) are executed, graves are visited and meals offerings are made at residence altars and temples.

At the stop of Obon, floating lanterns are positioned into rivers, lakes and seas which will manual the spirits again into their world. The customs followed vary strongly from vicinity to area.

The competition of Obon lasts for three days, but its beginning date varies inside exceptional regions of Japan. When the lunar calendar changed into modified to the Gregorian calendar at the beginning of the Meiji technology, the localities in Japan reacted differently and this led to three specific times of Obon. “Shichigatsu Bon” (“Bon in July”) is primarily based on the solar calendar and is widely known around 15 July in eastern Japan (kantō vicinity inclusive of Tokyo, Yokohama and the tōhoku location), coinciding with chūgen.

“Hachigatsu Bon” (Bon in August) is based at the lunar calendar, is celebrated across the 15th of August and is the maximum generally celebrated time. “Kyū Bon” (antique Bon) is widely known at the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, and so differs each yr. “Kyū Bon” is well known in regions just like the northern a part of the kantō vicinity, chūgoku area, Shikoku, and the Okinawa prefecture. These 3 days aren’t listed as public holidays but it’s miles commonplace that human beings are given go away.

The Obon week in mid-august is certainly one of japan’s 3 principal holiday seasons, accompanied by way of extensive home and global travel activities and multiplied accommodation charges. In current years, tour pastime in mid-august has become fairly greater unfold out and less focused, however, it is nonetheless considered on positive days.

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