Haro Wine Festival is organized in the town of Haro located in the northern Spanish region of La Roja. The festival is held on the San Pedro (Saint Peter) day, the 29th June. The highlight of this festival is so called Batalla de Vino (Battle of Wine).

Everything starts at 7.00 a.m. with a procession involving locals wearing white shirts and red scarves. Everyone carries jugs and similar containers full of wine. The procession is lead by the town’s mayor riding a horse.

As soon as every person arrives on the cliffs of bilibio a mass is well known. After the mass there’s a famous warfare. Every body tosses wine on every different. All get soaked from head to toe. At midday the celebration keeps on the plaza de los angeles paz (rectangular of peace).

Then at noon everyone returns to town to celebrate at the Plaza de la Paz, followed by bullfights in the town’s bullring. But the bullfights are only for the youth, and the “bulls” are actually just heifers. Also, none of the heifers are killed. Also, no bull-fighting happens at all.

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