Top 12 Cool Things To Do In Liverpool

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Top 12 Cool Things To Do In Liverpool

When you hear the name Liverpool, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? There are many things to do in Liverpool. The city with the home for two Premium League Football Clubs, Everton and Liverpool. For football lovers, visiting this place is like they have entered the heaven’s grounds. But, did you ever imagined that the city is comprising of many new tourists sittings and is full of adventure and fun? If not, then it’s time to look deep into the art and culture of this city. Below are the top 12 coolest and exciting things that you can find the Adventurous Liverpool City:-

Things to do in Liverpool



1. The Beatles

One of the world’s most favourite band “The Beatles” originated in the Liverpool. A visit to Cavern Club, where they first sang their song in 1961, will let you know about the music they used to sing. To find out more about the Beatles member, you can visit the Beatles Shop, McCartney’s Former Home, where they used to write their songs and rehearsed with them. You can even visit The Beatles Museum, which will make an exciting collection of your wonderful memories about the tour to Museum.

The Beatles

2. Tate Gallery

Located in Albert Dock, the Tate Gallery is established in the memory of “Sugar Magnate Sir Henry Tate.” The Gallery comprises of the whole collection of contemporary art and works on loan from London Gallery. It provides a perfect opportunity to artists to reshape their thoughts to implement in their paintings or other artistic work. You must also visit The Victoria Gallery and Museum, which consists of the points made by legends like J. M. W. Turner and Lucian Freud. If you are lucky enough, then you can also attend the workshops and educational lectures held in Museum.

tate gallery liverpool

3. Pier Head

The area comprises of Harbor Building’s Traditional Trio that goes by name Three Graces. The Cunard Building, the Royal Liver Building, and the Liverpool Building are the Three Graces. It is the perfect place to know about the history of the British History. You can even find the Titanic Memorial showing respect to “Heroes in the Engine Room.” This place is a perfect destination to rewind the historical artifacts of the British Empire.

Pier Head liverpool

4. Albert Dock

It is the one of a kind of facility in Britain which is constructed only by using iron and bricks. Once upon a time, the place was used for unloading tobacco, sugar, and cotton. Now the warehouse has been restored exquisitely, and you can grab the opportunity to stay in luxury apartments. Also, you can enjoy your food in restaurants, cafés and you can also visit the Museums. The whole place is the perfect example of Gentrification.

Albert Dock

5. Merseyside Maritime Museum

This museum comprises of many historical artifacts, stretching from the 13th century when it was established as a fishing port, to the preserving of historic vessels, model ships, and workshops. The place is home to many fascinating exhibitions illustrating the history of the 1000’s of emigrants that left Britain through Mersey, between 1830 & 1930 for North America. And if you want to know about the two tragic events of the sea, Lusitania, and Titanic, then Merseyside Maritime Museum is the place you must visit. The Museum shows the detailed story about both the incidents.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

6. Walker Art Gallery

This gallery is the perfect representation of artistic work performed by French, Italian and Flemish masters from the 14th century to present era. The place is preserving the great masterpieces of Rembrandt, Rodin, and Rubens. If you admire the art work of the legends, then you should visit this site and check out the work done in English Paintings and sculptures.

Walker Art Gallery

7. Museum of Liverpool

The museum was opened in 2011 with the idea of celebrating city’s unique history, culture and geography by only utilising the displays associated with port and its people. You will find that the museum holds all the decorative art and period costumes, and objects that represent city’s urban and social history. And if you want to know about Lion Steam Engine, then a visit to Museum of Liverpool will surely make your day. It is one of the main things to do in Liverpool.

Museum of Liverpool

8. St George’s Hall

The whole place is adorned with Corinthian Statues and Columns. One of the world’s largest hall is mainly used for holding concerts. The St. John’s Gardens at the back of the building represents statues of prominent Liverpudlians. You can click the most amazing and beautiful pictures of the oldest buildings constructed in its nearby area.

St George’s Hall

9. Croxteth Hall

This elegant Mansion, located on the outskirts of Liverpool will surely make your day happier. You can have a glance over the furniture and character figures which are the ideal representation of wealthy owners and their staff members. The majestic staircase, the world’s famous setting for wedding photos, is also occupied by Croxteth Hall. If you have kids, then exploring the country park is worthwhile.

Croxteth Hall

10. A boat ride to Ireland

If you want a cheap ride to Ireland, then the Port of Liverpool is one of the best and most inexpensive ports of United Kingdom. There are daily two crossing to Ireland, which is operated by Super Seacast Fast Ferries. At the Passenger Ferry terminal, you can grab the snacks and drinks. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Liverpool.

A boat ride to Ireland

11. The Climbing Destination

For the rock and hill climbers, there are many beautiful destinations in Liverpool, which will surely make you go crazy. Bamford, Stanage Edge, Howshaw Tor are some of the peak district destination, where you can have fun with hill climbing and rock climbing activities. You can go there by hiring the taxi or even by train also. There are many wall climbing centers in the city itself, which is full of fun and exciting activities.

The Climbing Destination

12. Famous Restaurants to Eat

Everyone loves to try the tasty food of the new place where we go for the first time. Liverpool city also comprises of many famous restaurants where you can have your refreshing and delicious bite of the Liverpool’s food. You can pre-book your table and have your meal afterwards. It is the one of the most delicious things to do in Liverpool.

Famous Restaurants to Eat

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