Top 10 Best Cities Of Britain To Have An Exciting Vacation

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Top 10 Best Cities Of Britain To Have An Exciting Vacation

Top 10 Best Cities Of Britain To Have An Exciting Vacation

Are you planning your vacation to spend in “The Great Britain”? Then first, you must know about the best cities of Britain that you can visit to make your trip a memorable one. So, here’s the list of top 10 cities that you are surely going to like in Britain. Well, you will also need a place to stay there. Don’t worry! Each city has its famous hostel or hotel that you can easily afford to enjoy your stay.

Best Cities of Britain

1. Edinburgh

The entire town comprises of beautiful destinations that you can visit to make your vacations exciting and adventurous. It is the dream place for every photographer as the Edinburgh Castle catches the eyes of every person who visits there. The next place is Water of Leith Walway, an underrated area of the city but one of the most attractive and calm neighbourhood.


The city comprises of many luxury hotels that will be under your budget also. The Arizona Luxury Art Club , Pavilion at Lamb’s House, 94DR, etc. are the most famous hotels in which you can make your stay.

2. London

Known as the World’s Greatest City, “London” is the most famous city in England, standing over the Thames river in South East Island of Britain.

The Mongolian Wheatgrass shakes and heart-healthy omelets are just a few healthy foods that you may have known about. There’s more to its food and drinks arsenal. The Buckingham Palace Tour is known all over the world because it is the Official Residential Place for Queen. Another exciting thing about London is its Hop on Hop Off Bus Adventurous Tour, by which, you can travel whole London in just 24 hours.


If you are looking for the hotel in London, then Bulgari Hotel, Rosewood, Claridge’s and The Savoy are some of the famous hotels in which you can enjoy your stay in London.

3. York

The historical perspective of this city stretches back to 2000 years. The art and history of this beautiful city are the main attraction points. The stonework, decorated by the battlements and cannonball scars of William Braveheart from English Civil War. You will be delightful to know about the past of this city. If you want to try the cousins of York then the Los Moros, Skosh, Pairings Wine Bare some of the famous places that you must try.


4. Liverpool

The city is known for the origin of famous English Rock Band “The Beatles,” which became the most legendary act of Rock era. As one of the best cities of Britain, the city comprises of famous museum known as The Beatles Story, and it is a perfect place to spend your afternoon. The are other museums also that represents the art and culture of the city. You can even do shopping at many shopping centers like Clayton Square, Metquartern Spire, etc.


Cowshed, Da Mount Gurkha, Yukti are some of the famous places where you can enjoy the best food of Liverpool. For staying, you can book your room in Aloft Liverpool or in “The Nadler Liverpool,” two of the best hotels in Liverpool.

5. Chichester

A perfect place to have fun and to enjoy the site-seeing of the historical artifacts, the Chichester. The sandy beaches, the beautiful countryside view, and the incredible historical diversity catch the interest of every visitor to itself. The old Greenhouse, Thyme & Chillies, Billy’s on the Beach are the interesting eating points to have a great time with your meal. You can find easily find accommodation at low prices which offer better services and comfortable rooms to their guests.


6. Lincoln

The cathedral city of Britain, Lincoln with 2000 years of history, grabs the attention of every tourist. You can see the Roman remains in the city center, which is one of the interesting points of the city. A cathedral, castle, and other historic building are the most excellent sites that you can take with you in your photographs. You can make best memories of your lifetime in Lincoln. The food and the culture of this place are another things to look forward. Even you can get the accommodation in the hostel or any hotels at quite affordable rates.


7. Truro

The United Kingdom best southerly mainland city, the Truro offers the opportunity to explore Cornwall and the Royal Cornwall Museum. The Modern Cathedral of this town is the one of the three in the United Kingdom with spires trio. You can have the exquisite taste of their Cornish food at their famous restaurants such as Chequessett Chocol, Jams, Cap Tip Seafood, etc. The luxury accommodation and hotels will make you crazy about the service value of Truro.


8. Norwich

The home of Alen Paridge, the city, is the perfect representation heritage and culture. You can gather incredible memories of your holidays by visiting BeWILDerwood, Plantation Garden, The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell and many other places. In addition to this, you must also explore the food items of this town at their fabulous restaurants, which will surely blow up your mind.


9. Newcastle

The charismatic city of Britain offers many exciting things for its visitors. The towering Grey’s Monument, the contemporary Art Baltic centre and the world’s most mysterious concert halls are the most amazing features of this town. Enjoy the best cousins the city has to offer to you and book your stay in the best hotels, or you can even book your private rooms on rent.


10. Canterbury

One of the historic cathedral city of United Kingdom houses the famous medieval Archbishop Thomas Beckett Shrine. To make your holidays more exciting, you can try out the Canterbury Historic River Tours, visit the Wingham Wildlife Park and also play the Golf at Broome Park Golf Club. The city is full of adventurous activities, which makes it a perfect vacation destination.


Book With Think Hostel

To make your vacation more exciting and adventurous, you can log on to our website and book your hostel and accommodation. Our tourist services are applicable in every part of Britain. We will help you in finding better restaurants and hostel, so that you may not face any problem on your vacation. So enjoy your tour to most elegant and exquisite places of best cities of Britain and make best memories of every adventure and activity that you will seek.

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