The Best Cheap Street Food in London

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The Best Cheap Street Food in London

11 londons cheap best street foods

London is a great city when you like good food. Besides the famous Borough Market, you will find unique food stalls and restaurants in London. All world kitchens are represented in this multicultural city, and every chef has his restaurant. I would like to share my tips for cheap and delicious food in London with you! Eating in London does not have to be expensive if you pay attention to where you are going to eat. London has many immigrants, and you can see that in the many restaurants with a foreign kitchen. In the neighborhoods where many immigrants live, you can eat cheap and tasty.

  1. Wahaca London

Wahaca London

Wahaca was founded by Thomasina Miers, the winner of Masterchef UK 2005. When you hear Masterchef, you might think of a costly restaurant, but nothing is less real. Thomasina has just set up a very affordable chain with delicious and unique Mexican food. All the location of wahaca is very cozy and colorfully dressed, and everything was just right. You can get various dishes from the guacamole, chipotle quesadilla and taquito with sweet potato and feta. Afterwards, you can also quickly pay via a special app if you do not feel like waiting for the bill. Wahaca is one of the best locations to eat in London.


  1. Borough Market London

Borough Market London

This is the place for food lovers in my opinion. It reminded me a bit of la Boquería in Barcelona, but with more different and unique stalls. You can eat cheaply in and around the Borough Market. The private market is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It is very busy on these days next to the market in the garden of the historic Southwark Cathedral with people eating the bought food here. You can also buy cheap snacks in the streets around the market.

You will find delicious fresh juices of exotic fruit, the best burgers, fresh pasta, Turkish baklava, and cheesecakes. Even if you are not so hungry, you can succeed here. Buy, for example, select teas, herbs or fights for the home. The price depends, of course, on what you buy. If you want to taste just as much as possible, it might not be incredibly cheap, but still affordable for this quality. Of course, the advantage is that you can make it as expensive as you want. You can also eat a full meal for 5 to 10 pounds.


  1. Wasabi London

Wasabi London

Wasabi is not a restaurant; you can only pick up food here. This makes it very cheap. Most sushi boxes cost around £ 5, but you can also buy the sushi each. In addition to sushi, they also have delicious salads and hot Japanese dishes. We took the sushi to a park nearby and ate it in the sun. Wasabi is, in my opinion, a must if you fancy delicious, fresh and cheap sushi.


  1. Lokkanta Meze & Barbecue London

Lokkanta Meze & Barbecue London

This is one of the best Turkish restaurants in London you will love to eat. The restaurant is located on a cozy street full of several different eateries. You can choose from different cold and hot mezes (a kind of Turkish tapas) or one of the tasty main dishes. With every lunch or dinner at Lokkante, you get for free four small mezes. I understand why many people are fans of this restaurant. The food was delicious, and the service was super friendly. The menu allows you to bring your drink. But you can also order a drink from this restaurant.


  1. Ottolenghi London

Ottolenghi London

Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israel cook. Ottolenghi has several restaurants in London, and of course, you can visit one during your visit to London. You can enjoy roasted sweet potato and aubergine with yogurt sauce in this location. The prices are also awful for the restaurant of a top chef. A plate with three salads costs £ 12.90, and the main course with two salads costs just £ 15.70. You also get free unlimited tap water with your food. You can also collect all the food if you have less time. Make sure you still have some space left for one of the delicious pastries as a dessert or buy some to take with you and eat them later in one of the many parks in London.




  1. A cheap buffet in Chinatown

Buffet in Chinatown

Chinatown is located between Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue. Here you will find restaurants in the middle of the tourist center of London where you can eat cheaply. The cheapest is a Chinese buffet, where you can eat unlimited. A generous meal is served on Gerrard Street for around £ 9 in Kowloon Restaurant. Then the costs of your drinks will be added.


  1. Eat at the Hare Krishnas in Soho Street

Hare Krishnas London

If you are in Oxford Street, you can eat cheaply. Go to Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant, next to the Hare Krishna temple on a side street off Oxford Street. The food here is fresh and cheap. They have of course Indian dishes but also vegetarian pasta and pizzas.


  1. Indian food in Wembley London

Kailash Parbat Wembley

You can eat cheap Indian and Pakistani in the restaurants in the immigrant districts Wembley, Green Street and Southall. The food in these restaurants is authentic, cheap and tasty. If you have a public transport pass for London of 3-4 zones, you can reach Wembley and Green Street and eat cheaply. Southall is slightly further away towards Heathrow Airport.


  1. Cheap food on the Camden Markets

Camden Markets Food

There are markets in London every day where you can eat cheaply. The Camden Markets consists of several markets that are next to each other. You can eat poorly in the covered Camden Stables Market and Camden Lock Village throughout the year, seven days a week.


  1. Cheap in Banglatown, Brick Lane

Brick Lane Market

Many immigrants from Bangladesh live in Brick Lane, and there are many restaurants and restaurants where you can eat cheap Asian food. The restaurants in Brick Lane call themselves Indian, but the chefs come from Bangladesh. In the northern section of Brick Lane, there are many cheap food stalls in Dray Walk, a side street of Brick Lane. In Brick Lane and Dray Walk, there are a lot of tourists by the evening.


  1. The More London Place Square
Place Square Foods London
Place Square Foods London

There are many offices at the More London Place. For lunch, you can eat cheaply in one of the many small self-service restaurants on the square. There is also an M & S supermarket where you can buy sandwiches that you can eat on the lawn at the Thames. You then have a view of the Tower and the Tower Bridge

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  • Ajas



    Borough Market sure tops my list. Cheap and fresh food you’ll enjoy. You stomach can never get bored watching all the food in different stalls. Totally awesome.

  • Alfie



    Lokkanta Meze and Barbecue London is my number one place. Each time I’m around the neighborhood, I must stop by for a bite. It’s one of the best Turkish restaurants I’ve seen around.

  • Larry Cole

    Larry Cole


    OH my. Eating Indian food in Wembley just got interesting. I saw this amazing Indian restaurant and I always feel at home going there. Totally awesome.

  • Damia



    Whenever I visit a Friend in Brick-lane, my favorite place to fill my stomach is among the food stalls I’m Dray walk. Cheap and also delicious foods.

  • Juliet



    Ahhh, speak no more! Bricklane no doubt is the best place to get amazing yet cheap Asian street food in Banglatown! I was kinda shocked when I got a drink at a low price. They are also very nice and are ready to blow you with their amazing and mouth-watering dishes.

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