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Benefits of working with us?

Well we not just a publish platform, we are here to share tips in the travel community and every post is shared across our social community, you receive back-links and traffic to your author profile, your website and social account, thus allowing followers to engage with you or direct content to be hired for paid work. How much better can it be?


What we’re looking for? Inspiring posts the tell a story and leave the visitor wanting more from the moments you created though our platform.


Photographs that inspire our nomad audience to explore the world through your lens and even learn how to emulate your style of photography.


Videos take us all on your journey and give a window into what we may want to experience, inspire the visitor, empower them and they will become a fan.


Your post is the airport to which all arrive for a journey of travel, use it well and build connections through our platform to ever lasting travel.

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  • Our aim is to deliver insightful news, practical tips and uplifting content to our readers.
  • Although our Guest Writers are not paid, many of our Guest Writers have found success in their writing career through the exposure and experience we offer.​
  • As a bonus to your effort, we boost your content and this links back to your website and social channels you connect and thus we become an extension of you
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Our Team

In the digital age, we are whats known as an eCommerce travel business and 90% of our 21 team of travel teach nomads work remotely. Gone are the days of all working 9-5 from a one site location, we prefer to meet by the beach and work on what we love and what brings value to you the  traller, local business and travel influencer.

Guest Posts we're looking for?


Your guest post should drip with excitement and take us on your journey and thus making us wish it was out journey and we can by following your trips in the content. Has to be funny and insanely informative to the detail. Content should Sell a destination and filled with competitive keywords.

Include Media

Post must include both pictures relevant and video linked from an online source like YouTube / Vimeo etc and if posting image only then make them awesome and again sell your destination and journey. Keep is relevant to our readers and not so much about you but on the local business, destination and culture.

Travel Topics

This can be from so many we've love to read in Food (Restaurants), Tours, Accommodation, Nightlife, Culture, Extreme Sports, Experiences, Markets, Days Out, Things to Do, Guides,Hiking, Cycling, Day Trips, Cruise, Boat trips, Walking. We don't have a no list so lets try and if it does not fit then we will advise.

Post Guide

At minimum 1,500 words. Image or Video post X10 images or 3 min minimum video to really sell a region location or destination. Up to 10 links to your site or social profiles. Include relevant links to other sites. A short bio about yourself. If you have photos, they must be high-res and edited. (at least 900px wide).

Final Note