Bali between temples, nature and history

Bali between temples, nature and history

Bali between temples, nature and history

Bali is getting more and more of a more popular vacation for a holiday. In fact, it is the most famous Indonesian island in the world and is perfect for any traveller. As for the holidays on this wonderful island, adventure is deal, you just have to find out what to see in Bali.

bali between nature & history

Once in Bali, you will be overwhelmed by emotions, feelings and perfumes with an explosion of perfumes of oils and spices that had hit your nostrils. Like vertigo. Everything related to Bali smells like oils for massages, flowers, and incense that are used for temple offerings. Because Bali is an altar offered to the gods. Because in Bali we live in a fusion between nature and religion and these two aspects of life always move together.

The island of Bali is a single large temple where Indonesians live. Maybe that’s how I can make the idea of this fabulous world better. For the people of Balinese, the interweaving of nature and religion in everyday life is so strong that you could see a shop door close just as you are entering because the kind owner, with a thousand excuses, has decided that this is the moment when making an offer to the gods and pray and ask you to come back after a few minutes. Or, in the morning, you might wake up very early because you hear footsteps right outside your bungalow. Do not worry, this is someone from the hotel staff who is lighting an incense stick and leaving a basket of flowers as a sign of good luck.

bali traditions

Your trip to Bali can be organized between beaches and temples, exploring nature and relaxing massages. This is a true paradise for those who love surfing and, at the same time, for those who want to dedicate themselves to the care of the soul and the body. In short, the embarrassment of the choice on what to see in Bali and what to do on this island.

To move between the most interesting sites on the island, you can rely on a driver. Bali is not dangerous and crime is reduced to zero, so you just have to get off the road and stop the driver with the car that you think is more comfortable and spacious or the one with the nicest smile, because one is really worth the other. Even the distances, although not always the roads are fast, are quite short and you will never go to meet a shift that exceeds at most two or three hours. If you prefer, you can ask the hotel where you sleep and certainly reserve a driver for you at the desired time. We have made a base in three different locations: close to the famous Jimbaran beach and Seminyak (which lie south of the island) by the sea and, staying more days, in the beautiful city of Ubud, almost immersed in the tropical forest, in the heart of Bali.

Jimbaran beach

If you want to relax for a few days at the beach, you can choose Kuta Beach or Seminyak. The latter village offers trendy shops for both clothing and surfing gear, and there is no shortage of restaurants. Do not expect, however, a village overlooking the sea with the promenade to be covered on foot in the evening. In Bali, the towns seem far from the sea, then you venture along a road perpendicular to the main, you walk for a while and you get to the beaches on which you lie for hours and hours. Usually, you enter by going through the expensive and glossy beach clubs with swimming pools. Among the most famous, there is the Potato Head.

kuta beach

Jimbaran Beach is another of Bali’s top beaches: it is a 4 km long sandy crescent and is also very popular in the evening when the bay turns into a giant fish grill. The restaurants where you have dinner with your feet in the sand and the waves lapping at the tables are called warung and at the taxi or driver, you can ask directly to take you to the parking lot in front of the warungs. Some rooms also offer transport from the hotel and back.

Uluwatu temple, at the extreme south of the island of Bali. In itself, the temple is rather miserable and we will talk about it, but the position overlooking the sea is extraordinary. It is also dedicated to the spirits of the sea and this idea is very fascinating. Arrive before sunset (in August you should be here around 5 pm), so you can see the sky as it gets hot. Eye to the monkeys running free between forest and cliff.

experience bali

Besides that, you may know that Bali is well-known for its luxurious resort made up of spa and fancy rooms by the sea. These are beautiful of course but if you are on a budget it could be a little bit tricky to keep things authentic and affordable when it comes to the best accommodation in Bali. This is the reason why I really think you should consider a hostel as the best solution to keep things easy, practical and dynamic while saving a lot of money. Hostels like Nick’s Pension, Anemone Homestay or KAYUN Hostel Downtown really don’t look like the usual hostels you may found too basic but, actually, they offer everything you need for a relaxed, fresh and young vacation!

  • Nature_Love



    You are cent percent right. When you are in Bali you can feel a special smell of oils and spices. They even use it in their temples. Anyone visiting Bali can easily feel this special smell around.

  • Travel_Around



    Beautiful beaches and the ancient temples are the core attraction of Bali. People of Bali strongly believe in their beliefs. You can easily find out people praying or performing their religious duty.

  • Scott



    The video which you have put in above in this post is awesome! It really shows the beauty of Bali.Villas are no doubt very important during Bali’s visit.

  • Roamer



    Jimbaran Beach is one of my favorite destinations of Bali. This beach is a long beach with beautiful sand all over. One should must visit it!

  • vicks



    You are exactly correct. I smelled special fragrances in Bali which they used for religious offerings. People of Bali really live in fusion between nature and the religion.

  • sanju



    Bali is most visited by Asians. This is one of their favorite destinations because of being closer and cheaper. For most of them there are many sacred placed as well.

  • RLee



    Beaches of Bali are really attractive and beautiful. You may find some places rushy and overcrowded, this is because Bali is the attraction for tourists from all over the world.

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