5 best coworking hostels in London

5 best coworking hostels in London

5 best coworking hostels in London

Coworking is a new and revolutionary way of doing business. In the world of startups and entrepreneurs, joint workplaces have long been a preferred choice for offices. Freelancers, startups entrepreneurs flock to London, the largest city in the UK and England for coworking spaces, why? They provide flexible office space and low cost, and offer people the opportunity to interact with a community of independent experts, entrepreneurs and startups.

However, as supply increases and becomes much more luxurious, it is not just new technicians who make up most of the common offices. Each of the giant companies, for their individual exposure, opts for pay-per-view contracts, in which the number of members varies from fixed rate monthly to flat rate for a private office.


Coworking has only been on the scene for a few years and is growing in popularity. It is commonly practiced in the United States and London, here are the five best locations in the English capital.

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1. Rockstar Hubs

Rockstar Hubs is the latest investment and mentoring company in the UK, the Rockstar Mentoring Group. The group benefits UK entrepreneurs tremendously, so it’s no wonder it’s number one on the list.


The main advantage of choosing Rockstar Hub over other coworking spaces is that the companies that work from the centre get an internal mentor, and that is what theRockstar group is well known for. Some of the UK’s most respected entrepreneurs act as mentors, helping the centre’s entrepreneurs to grow faster in all sectors. Another benefit is that Rockstar hubs invest directly in the enterprise, which no other shared workspace currently offers.

2. We work

The second is WeWork. Originally a coworking company based in the United States. WeWorkhas opened its new premises in the city. The main advantage of WeWork is that as a member you have access to various benefits. In fact, WeWork offers more than 150 benefits and advantages from its growing list of partners, which will contribute to the growth and success of your business. Some of the amenities include complimentary fruit, high speed internet and beer. They also offer weekly events to help you grow your business.

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WeWork has over 50,000 members, plenty of space and functionality for desktops, dedicated desks and private offices. WeWork offers a flexible and quality work environment on all sites. As a member, you have access to workstations, conference rooms, intranets, internal partners and discounts, weekly events and 17 different locations in London at preferential rates.

3. Central working

In number three we choose central working. With four main locations in London, what central working can offer companies can be said in four words; Flexibility, connectivity, clarity and environment. Its offices are nice, but also a place where you can do things.


With central working, you are not tied to any lease which gives your business total flexibility. The Central working Team also has a clear vision: they want you to be effective and efficient, helping your company take advantage of all the available opportunities. It also connect hundreds of new contacts. This is probably the biggest benefit. They have dedicated staff that will guide you in the direction of everyone you need. Finally, environments allow you to work privately or with other people, allowing you to take advantage of your time,most importantly make sure you get things done.

4. Google Campus

The most famous coworking space is probably number four, Google Campus. Do you still like to work at Google? Now you can. The Google campus may not have a slide, but it does offer collaboration workshops designed by Jump Studios, equipped with a reception desk with Lego siding and an “inspiration wall”. Professional speakers, networking events and the advice of Google staff contribute to the growth of new businesses. With multiple floors and a full calendar of events, Google Campus is ideal for beginners, investors and technology enthusiasts. The campus has an active community of entrepreneurs and there is always something going on in the event space. The cafeteria in the basement is also a great place to relax in general or between meetings.

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The campus is divided into several floors, the winery operates on the first arrival, the first and is open to members. On the groundfloor there is the main room where its main trade fairs take place. The first and second floors are designed forTechHub. and they are often used for startup technology. On the third floor, there is a small reception, and the fourth floor uses Seedcamp and UP. As you can see, the activities of the Google campus make it an ideal place to work.

5. Level 39

Finally, in the fifth place, we have level 39, described as the biggest European technology accelerator for finance, retail, Internet security and future technology companies. Level 39 is a space for beginners with high growth potential. Members try to create, test, market and deliver scalable products and services in the field of finance, retail and future cities technology.

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Level39members can work from workstations, desks and private workstations. Located in the heart of one of the most important commercial and business districts in the world, Level39 is well connected to the workforce of 100,000 people in CanaryWharf and more than 240 cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Members can organize informal and proactive meetings with potential clients, partners, investors, mentors and other entrepreneurs at Level 39.

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