2 weeks in Oahu – what to do on the island of Hawaii

2 weeks in Oahu – what to do on the island of Hawaii

2 weeks in Oahu – what to do on the island of Hawaii

Oahu has been one of the best tourist places in recent times and spending two weeks here can be a great escape to your monotonous lifestyle. It has a lot to offer. Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii is attracting a lot of tourists for its exotic beauty, weather and fun activities that you can take part in. If you are a true nature lover then you will know that spending just two weeks is not enough in this place. But you can always return for more fun with your friends, family or colleagues. We have come up with a recommended itinerary for your trip to Hawaii.

Where to stay in Oahu, Hawaii

You can easily come across a lot of resorts and hotels in the area if you search on the web. But one of our personal recommendations includes the Waikiki Beachside Hostel, especially for its location and service. It is hardly 20 steps away from the beach and the staffs are always available at your service. Being placed in the core of Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, it offers a vibrant, clean and affordable environment with large rooms, private balconies, comfortable mattresses, free Wi-Fi and many other features. You can contact them beforehand to book your rooms.

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Below mentioned is a guided itinerary that can help you to enjoy the best of the island within a limited time.

  1. Pearl Harbor visit

A bureau has been established for the visitors of Pearl Harbor to let them enjoy the immersive experience of the place. It has turned into a top-notch travel destination in recent times and all the local businesses, tour companies and other entities of Pearl Harbor are coming together for the purpose. The historical significance of the place plays a huge role in the context. The heroes and survivors of the place from the time of the attack play huge roles in making America the way it is on the date. If you have even the least knowledge of history then you already know the significance it holds. If you do not, you can check out the web. Once you know, there are hardly any chances that you can resist the temptations to visit the place. If you are planning to spend two weeks in Oahu then this is something you should not miss by any chance. You can book an early ticket to Pearl Harbor as this place has turned into one of the best tourist destinations in recent times.

  1. The District Nightclub

Honolulu has come up with its latest way to provide the visitors with the utmost experience of nightlife and The District Nightclub is a place you must visit during your two weeks visit to the place. The club is close to the Waikiki beach and the Ala Moana Shopping Center. The club is spread over an area of 3,400 sq. foot and hosts a 23-feet tall DJ booth, private tables, VIP lounge and the best service you can demand.

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  1. The Honolulu Zoo

It started as a collection of exotic birds. Today it has spread its wings high and wide and houses more than 1200 animals and protects many rare species that have become endangered. The flamingoes are just a beginning to the numerous species of birds (mostly tropical). The crocodiles, iguana, and reptiles guide the path to the cheetahs, giraffes, aardvarks and many more. The Honolulu Zoo is spread over 42-acre area and is segmented into three portions mainly – the African Savannah, the Tropical Forest and the islands of the Pacific housing more than 250 different species of birds, reptiles and mammals. The best part is the authorities have taken great steps to recreate the natural habitats of the animals. This place hosts a lot of Hawaiian flora and fauna. It also has a separate section for kids where they can freely interact with the animals. You can carry in your own food and drinks but no alcohol. The place also hosts concerts in the evenings of June and August.

  1. The tours of Polynesian village

When you are visiting the place with a 2-week plan you should not miss the Polynesian Cultural Center. You can spend just a single day here to explore the heritage of the Pacific Islands. You can roam around the tropical splendour spread across 42 acres to enjoy the fun of the traditional hands-on activities. You can have a royal eat and enjoy the island evening shows. You will be having a time travel when you explore the culture, flavour, and appeal of the six different island nations over a millennium. The cultural presentations are hosted for specific timings for the specific islands. The six island nations presented here include the Island of Hawaii, Island of Aotearoa, Fiji Island, Samoa Island, Island of Tahiti and the Island of Tonga. Each place has specific offers for the visitors and you can speak with any of the villagers to have a better immersive experience of the culture and values. Followed by that, you will be provided with the options of Luau dinner. The buffet at Ali’I Luau, Prime Rib, and the Island Buffet are known to offer a lot of options to the food lovers. That is not the end of the tour. You can also explore out the amazing evening shows offered here. The Ha Breath of Life works to explain out a lot of the culture to the visitors is a very short time. The tour has so much to offer that set out just a day for it may not be enough. If you are a true lover of the primitive ways, you would love to come back here for another day to enjoy the place even more.

  1. wet N wild Hawaii

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It is a great destination for the water lovers and has a well-deserved place in the list of the island’s top family attractions. The park is known to feature over 25 different attractions that exhilarate the visitors. It is spread over 29 acres of area and constitutes of natural cliffs and tropical landscaping. Adventure lovers are sure to lose track of time here especially when they enjoy the adrenaline-pumping rides such as Shaka or the Tornado. The Water World Playground is ideal for children where they can enjoy the Hawaiian waters without any risk. Some of the other top-featured attractions of the park include the Cutter’s Island, the Kapolei Kooler and Da Flowrider. You can also get rental swimsuits, towels, water shoes and flip flops in the area. The park has a lot of offers for food lovers as well and houses three great restaurants.

  1. Oahu Beaches

Visiting the island and not enjoying the beaches is just out of context. The area hosts some of the most exotic beaches in the world that attracts a lot of visitors from across the world. The Waimanalo Beach has its sandy shores spread across the eastern parts of the island. It was once the busiest ports for steamers and boats. It was only about a hundred years ago that the beach was opened for public usage and now it hosts the Waimanalo Beach Park. The Lanikai Beach in Kailua is the best shoreline that Oahu can offer you with. The clear waters, fine white sand, and the breathtaking views are like nothing you can get in Hawaii. The Waikiki Beach is not far behind in the race as well. With its 2-mile long white sand stretch complimented by the turquoise blue sea houses many boutique resorts and elevated structures on the island’s southern shores.

  1. The Sunrise Tour

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This is something that you can opt on a daily basis. But you will be required to wake an hour before the sunrise to reach the secret spots to be able to enjoy the best of the beach sunrise. The tidal pools and the splashing waves just multiply the beauty of the morning sun by many folds. You can also opt for a photo road trip and hire professional photographers who can capture the best moments for you. But there are a couple of limitations. Each group should not be more than 7 adults and children above the age of 10 years are allowed.

  1. Photo Tour

The island has a lot to offer and going on a visual road trip is the best option to explore out the hidden gems and landmark sites of the island. The most attractive points of the road trip include the Surfing Pig, filming of the Hawaii Five-O or other local blessings. There are many guides and photographers available who can take you to the best spots where you can capture the best pictures. Bird and nature guides in the area are many.

These are some of the best recommendations for a 2-week trip to Oahu. You can search the web to find out more fun activities that the place has in offer for you.

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