12 Free Things To Do In Newcastle

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12 Free Things To Do In Newcastle

One of the smallest big city in the world, Newcastle is so attainable that you can cross the city in just 15 minutes. The city is the capital of North East England and comprises of many interesting sites and things, which you are surely going to like. While you visit this city, there are many exciting activities and things that you can do without spending much of your money. The city’s culture, fabulous retail, the expanse of greenery and the night life are some of the great things that you can enjoy. The 12 free things to do in Newcastle are given below:-

12 free things to do in Newcastle

12 Free Things To Do In Newcastle

1. Newcastle Library

The library holds many children events on a regular basis and there’s more to it than just an average reading library. If you have the children, then it is one of the best places to spend a good time with your family. The library comprises of all the heritage collection of the city and the legend of British Empire. If you are curious to know more about the history of Newcastle city, then you must step into Newcastle library and begin your research.

Newcastle Library

2. Ouseburn Farm

Located in the heart of the Ouseburn, the city’s very own beautiful farm. Children mostly like animals, so in Ouseburn Farm, you can give your kids the chance to meet different kinds of animals near Byker. A Tamworth Pig, lambs, goats and multiple species of rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens can be found in this place. On the top it, the entry to this area of cost, but you can give donations if you like. For kids, many crafting and natural activities are also organised during the schools holidays.

Ouseburn Farm

3. Quayside Gym Work Out

Have you ever heard of the free Gym, where anyone can do exercise in an open fresh air? If not, then for once, you must come to Quayside gym, located on the banks of Tyne. The place is equipped with four pieces of Gym equipment, which you can try to keep yourself fit. In case you feel like running, then the running track build for running is perfect for jogging.

Quayside Gym Work out

4. Shipley Art Gallery

The place holds near about 800 paintings, crafts, and art, which were given national importance in the year 1998. The Shipley Art Gallery is open for public and is free to visit. You can bring your family to see the artistic work of legendary artists, who devoted their lives to make the masterpiece of their lifetime. The gallery officials also hold regular events such as puppet workshops, talks, and craft groups, to teach the visitors about the historical value of Newcastle.

Shipley Art Gallery

5. Millennium Bridge Wink

Have you ever seen a bridge that winks? Well, certainly it’s possible in the case of millennium bridge of Newcastle. The bridge provides access from Newcastle Quayside to the Gateshead Quays to the cyclists and pedestrians. But there’s more to it. It also tilts to make the ships pass-by beneath its structure. The people walking around the area daily gather at this place to see this beautiful sight of Bridge getting Winked.

Millennium Bridge Wink

6. Angel of North

It is one of the most famous landmarks of North East. The 66 feet tall, standing firm on her feet, the Angle of North is the beautiful monument to watch over. The surrounding area around this place is so graceful, that if you visit it once, you’ll feel like visiting it daily. The place is the perfect destination to have fun with the family. Popularity level of this site can be imagined by the fact that it gets near about 150,000 visitors every year.

Angel of North

7. Leazes Park

It is one of the oldest parks of the United Kingdom in Tyneside region. The park begins its service in 1873 and is like a haven for the wildlife and people who visit this place. Situated away from the busy city center and harsh environment, the park is much comforting and best-suited place to relax your mind. If you want to enjoy the picnic with your family, then Leazes Park is also the best choice to go for.

Leazes Park

8. Bessie Surtees House

One of the most precious Gems of British Empire, located in the Heart of the Newcastle, Bessie Surtees House. The place is embedded with 16th – 17th-century merchant houses, along with Jacobean period interiors. You can even see the scene of secret marriage conducted between Bessie and John Scott, who ended up becoming Lord Chancellor of England.

Bessie Surtees House

9. Discovery Museum

It is a perfect place to come with a family to see the display of engineering and science triumphs. You will see here the contribution made by North East for the welfare of the world. The most popular event is Charles Parson’s Turbinia, which is also the very first vessel to be steam turbine powered.

Discovery Museum

10. Jesmond Dene

The place provides a pleasant day out to the families and is located in the heart of Newcastle City. You can have fun with your biking or walking via superb Tarmac Paths, and can also visit pets corner to have a look at the farm animals. There’s also a beautiful picnic site near the ruined mill.

Jesmond Dene

11. Walk of Fame

Take the walk of fame on the footsteps of finest Geordie Heroes, Ant and Dec, and Alan Shearer. You’ll find tributes to these famous stars, which are scattered along the Tyne river’s banks.

Walk of Fame

12. Have Fun with Ping Pong Game

The Newcastle’s Northumberland street is filled with ping pong tables and is just waiting for you to visit there and have a good time with this table ready game. You will be rewarded with bonus points if you manage to hit the ball right into the bag of passing shoppers.

Northumberland street

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  • vivian sharks

    vivian sharks


    Newcastle and its amazing scenes and locations. this city, though a bit small, has lots of perks for visitors. I was at the Quayside gym the last time I was in Newcastle and was completely thrilled at this wonderful feature. Newcastle is a place to visit once in a while.

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