12 Free Things To Do In Birmingham

12 Free Things To Do In Birmingham

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, then Birmingham is the city you must visit once in a life time. Whether you want to enjoy your lunch in the peaceful place or want to take a stroll along the canal, the city has everything that you will surely like. The town comprises of many free activities and things that you can enjoy without spending any money. From museums, music concerts to art exhibitions, there’s a whole bunch of free things that will make your vacations memorable ones. Here are top 12 free things to do in Birmingham, if you plan your visit to this town:-

12 Free Things To Do In Birmingham

12 Free Things To Do In Birmingham

1. Ikon Gallery

You can visit the free exhibition held by Ikon Gallery and can also take part in workshops, talks, seminars, and tours. The place is full of many artistic things, from mixed media, sound, sculptures, art installations, films, and paintings, it has everything under its possession. You can attain knowledge regarding the contemporary art and can increase your understanding of the way of art. It is a must place to visit, and if you have kids, then it will be an interesting way to educate them.

Ikon Gallery

2. Birmingham’s Historic Churches

If you are more of a religious kind of person, then the place of worship will surely catch your interest. The medieval architecture and stained glass windows, the history behind their origin, these are the things which catch everyone’s attention. You can take a trip to these Birmingham’s historic churches which includes, St. Giles at Sheldon, St. Edburgha at Yardley, St Martin in The Bull Ring and St. Laurence in Northfield.

Birmingham’s Historic Churches

3. Railroad Park

It is a 19-acre green field in Birmingham city, comprising of an outdoor gym, wetland areas, playgrounds, walking tracks, ponds and much more. It is best picnic spot to have some exciting family time. If you visit in summer, must check the “Symphony in the Summer,” which is a free concert series. You will love to be here, and if you want, you can even attend the exercise classes of the Railroad park.

Railroad Park

4. Gardendale Splash Pad

The fun theme park is a perfect place to visit with your kids. Especially during the summer vacations, you can enjoy the pleasant and refreshing environment of this water-theme park. The place is full of sprinklers, tipping buckets, water guns, and fountains. Want to get away from hot weather? Then come to Gardendale Splash Pad and have fun with your kids.
Gardendale Splash Pad

5. Lapworth Museum of Geology

Explore the bunch of minerals and fossils, and discover the origin of Midlands millions of years ago from now. The place reopened in June 2016 after proper renovation, and its name is inspired by famous award winning Geologist Charles Lapworth. The dinosaur’s fossils are most liked by children’s. The place is very informative and entertaining, holding an array of unusual and weird discoveries. It will be a very great idea to visit Lapworth Museum as it’s entry is free.

 Lapworth Museum of Geology

6. Symphony Hall

The world famous Concert Hall, the Symphony Hall is quite a spectacular place, marvelous from the outside and heartbeat skipping from inside. Although it mainly has paid tickets for the events, sometimes the authorities also put some free exhibitions and performances on offer. Before making your visit to the place must check the “what’s on guide” to know about the free events taking place in the hall.

Symphony Hall

7. The MAC

One of the most vibrant art centre of Birmingham, The MAC comprises an array of art exhibitions, craft markets and you can even take part in any event held inside the MAC. It is also known as the Home to theatre, literature, art, dance, and music. There are a lot of performances that are free of charge and can be enjoyed by both, adults and children’s.


8. Thinktank Science Garden

It is an outdoor discovery park embedded with tons of fun activities for people of every age group. Go up to the tower or harness the renewable energy, there’s a lot more innovative and unique things that you can discover and enjoy. The garden is open to public use and is free of charge from 3 pm onwards, but if you want to enter science museum, you’ll have to pay.

 Thinktank Science Garden

9. BBC Birmingham Visitor Centre

Go to level 3 of “The Mailbox Building, ” and you can get the chance to attend the free exhibitions that BBC displays for the people. You can have a look at the best technology and content of BBC, and you can even see the presenters in action through the viewing window. If you are more fond of media and communication, then you can even go for the paid tours also to go further behind the curtains.

BBC Birmingham Visitor Centre

10. Birmingham Cathedrals

Take the few moments of your time to visit the beautiful architecture of old Cathedrals of Birmingham. St. Phillip and St. Chad are the two most famous cathedrals of the city, designed in revived Gothic style by the architect who designed Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. The classic old style of the building is quite lovely and admirable.

Birmingham Cathedrals

11. Birmingham Open Media

One of the most popular art initiatives of Birmingham, the BOM. You will find many exhibitions, networking and workshop events which are free of charge. For the Computer Programming lovers, it is an interesting place to learn programming codes. It will be very good for the kids regarding education.

Birmingham Open Media

12. Martineau Gardens

Spot the wildlife and explore the seasons at Martineau Gardens, an organically managed land space and therapeutic community garden. If you are a Gardening Enthusiast, then this free activity will surely blow your mind away with its wide variety of vegetable patches, wildflowers and much more. There’s also children’s play area, ponds to have some real time with the family.

Martineau Gardens

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