10 things to do in Las Vegas

10 things to do in Las Vegas

10 things to do in Las Vegas

Are you looking forward to visiting Las Vegas? Then it is important for you to plan your journey well ahead of time. When you have a clear understanding about the places that you should visit and the places where you can stay, you will be able to get themost out of time that you spend.


Below mentioned are 10such impressive things that you will be able to do while you are spending your time in Las Vegas.

1. Reserve Las Vegas hostel for your stay

During the time you spend in Las Vegas, you can select the Las Vegas hostel to get your accommodation needs catered. It is not just another place in Las Vegas to sleep. You will be provided with luxurious amenities, including air conditioned rooms, hot tub and swimming pool at an affordable price tag. In addition, a large number of activities are also available for the guests who check-into the hostel to take part in and enjoy during the stay.

las vegas hostel swimming pool

2. Spring for a show

Las Vegas is being called as the Entertainment Capital of the World. That’s because a large number of shows are being organized in here throughout the entire year. There is something for everyone to take part and experience in these events. For example, if you are a music lover, you can go ahead and visit the production shows that take place in the city, such as The Holiday Show, Vegas! The Show and Tournament of Kings Dinner & Show.

shows in las vegas

3. Visit Paris Las Vegas

Eiffel tower in las vegas

You don’t need to visit Paris to witness the Eiffel Tower. You can do it while you are in Las Vegas as well. This is half a scale replica of the famous Eiffel Tower. You will be able to get to the top and experience stunning views. It has become a landmark in Las Vegas as well. When you get to the observation deck, you will be able to experience a 360-degree view of the city. It is better if you can get to the top on a bright sunny day. Then you will be able to experience the best sights from the top.

4. Visit the casinos in the Strip

It is possible for you to discover casinos throughout Las Vegas. However, the best casinos in the town are located in the Strip. The strip is a stretch of the city, which is located in Boulevard South. You will also be able to find mega casino hotels in the strip as well. All these hotels are being decorated exotically. Moreover, a fantasy like atmosphere is created by paying attention to detail.n to detail.

las vegas casino

5. Stay a night in Stratosphere Hotel

Most of the hotels in Las Vegas are centred around the special gimmicks or themes, which attract visitors. It is applicable for the Stratosphere hotel as well. This hotel can be considered as the home to the popular Stratosphere Tower. In fact, Stratosphere Tower is being called the tallest freestanding tower that you will be able to find in the country. It is 350m high. During your stay in Stratosphere Hotel, you will be able to get to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and experience fascinating views of the city.

6. Get the Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience can be considered as a unique attraction, which you should not miss while spending your time in Las Vegas. In order to get the experience, you must visit Fremont Street. The Fremont Street Experience is one of the best light and sound shows that you will be able to experience in your life. It would definitely fascinate your senses. You will also get attracted to the loud music and colourful displays. More than 12 million lights have been used for the construction of Fremont Street Experience.

7. Become a Venetian

You will also be able to become a Venetian while you are in Las Vegas. As you already know, Venice in Italy is popular for the singing gondoliers and canals. You can get that experience at Las Vegas and all you have to do is to visit the Venetian Casino Resort. It is also the largest resort that you can find in Las Vegas. During the time you spend in Venetian Casino Resort, you can shop from the premier shopping mall as well.

Become a Venetian

8. Visit the Mob Museum

Mob Museum can be considered as another great attraction available for you to visit while spending your time in Las Vegas. During the time you spend in here, you will beable to learn a lot about the mob. This can be considered as a non-profit museum. A large number of interactive activities are also available for the people who visit Mob Museum to take part in.

9. Spend a night in NewYork-New York Hotel

You can also think about spending a night in the New York-New York Hotel. This hotel is more recommended for the thrill seekers. It attracts more than one million visitors per year as well. The fascinating roller coaster ride that you can experience in New York-New York Hotel has contributed a lot towards its popularity. In fact, New York-New York Hotel offers the first ever roller coaster ride with a 180-degree twist to the guests. Therefore, you will be riding upside down for a considerable part of your journey.

new york hotel las vegas

10. Enjoy a delicious meal at 17° South Booze & Bites

If you are looking forward to enjoying a delicious mail, you can visit 17° South Booze & Bites. The menu offered here at 17° South Booze & Bites is filled with a variety of exciting drink and food options. You will be able to find a large number of draft beer options in here as well. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the greatest games in the widescreen televisions available in the restaurant.  

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