10 Best Cheap Street Foods in Manchester

10 Best Cheap Street Foods in Manchester

10 Best Cheap Street Foods in Manchester

10 Best Cheap Street Foods in Manchester

Manchester, a city, of lots of places where you can eat deliciously! I put the ten best places in a row to let you enjoy the ultimate. Today we share about ten cool hotspots in Manchester, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, refuel or dine.


  1. Missoula Manchester

Missoula Manchester

Missoula was our first stop, where you get to know about the Manchester culture. That culture, when it comes to food, is that you order your food at the bar. After you have chosen a spot and chosen your dish on the menu, you order your burger and beer directly at the bar. The interior has something like an old, brown bar, but also a western (like) place. Through the large windows, you have a nice view of the busy square of Piccadilly Gardens. The restaurant itself was full of cozy English, from girlfriends groups to couples after a shopping session. Another nice additional fact, you pay little for a good, hearty meal here.


  1. Coffee at Fig & Sparrow Manchester

Coffee at Fig & Sparrow Manchester

The lifestyle shop Fig & Sparrow is located in the hip district ‘Northern Quarter.’ This store immediately attracted my attention through its design accessories (like Hay). Once inside it turned out that they had a place at the back where you could drink coffee! You place your order at the back of the store, at the blue tile bar. Then you choose a nice spot at the long table (or a separate table). Here you can enjoy your coffee, and you can relax during a walk through this nice neighborhood.


  1. Byron Manchester

Byron Manchester

Pull out in a burger and near Piccadilly Gardens? Then make a stop at Byron. There are many civilian versions available, and one thing I know for sure … Here you eat a tasty burger! There are two more locations in Manchester, in the food court Corn Exchange & at the Deansgate. Although it is a chain in England, you do not notice that at all in the dishes. The burger here is tasty.


  1. Teacup Manchester

Teacup Kitchen Manchester

England is known for its tea & cakes, something we certainly wanted to discover in Manchester. Fortunately, we ran into Teacup, a nice little tent on the Thomas Street in the trendy Northern Quarter! With the red facade, the location immediately attracts your attention. In good weather you can even sit on the terrace, even at the end of April, it was already full. You can stop for a cup of coffee during your visit to Manchester. We could not ignore the ‘cookies in a jar,’ but the cakes looked fantastic too. Tip: You can also make good use of the WIFI here, for example, to map out your route.




  1. The Printworks Manchester

Printworks Manchester

They have collections of tasty meals and restaurants. This ranges from Mexican to Italian; you have so much choice! Also, there is also a cinema in the hall, and you will find plenty of live music during the weekend. That’s how the Jazz sounds sounded on the street, a reason why we walked in here. Walking through this was nice. So go here with an empty stomach and a full wallet!


  1. Jamie’s Italian Manchester

While walking through the ‘Central Retail District’ neigh

Jamie's Italian Manchester

borhood, you will encounter some streets with beautiful, authentic, historic buildings. Once at the table, you will enjoy all the goodies the card had to offer with a glass of wine. How better can you discover this than with a cocktail shelf? From charcuterie to pecorino, fantastic! Jamie’s Italian, King Street, Manchester


  1. Chris’ Corner Manchester

Chris' Corner Manchester 1

This colourful coffee shop is hidden in the middle of the ‘Gay Village’ and ‘Chinatown’ neighbourhood. Via a staircase, you go downstairs, where you end up in a real cake Walhalla! Just below ground, you look out on the street level of Manchester, which gives you an exceptional feeling. Every day, various cakes are freshly baked and served here.


  1. Corn Exchange Manchester

Corn Exchange Manchester

Do you need a location with multiple restaurants under one roof? Then take a look at Corn Exchanges! Whether you are eating a sandwich at The Cozy Club or enjoying a dish from the Vietnamese cuisine, it is! Here is also the famous Italian restaurant of Gino D’Acampo, which unfortunately was completely booked.


  1. ASK Italian Manchester

ASK Italian Manchester

Just for the crazy style, you would go in here, foe some good Italian food. This location is an excellent choice at the end.  You can also order for pasta and a salad, which also tasted good. The only downside; At this restaurant, you ultimately spend more than you spend on any citizen in this city.


  1. Burgers at DOCKyard Manchester

DOCKYARD Manchester

The last restaurant is the one we finally found the nicest (and tastiest)! The DOCKyard is located in the ‘The Quays’ area, also known as the ‘MediaCity’ section of Manchester. The old wood in combination with the leather makes for a nice bar! It is not only incredibly tough with leather sofas, high tables and long picnic tables. The food is seriously good! Here too you order your food at the bar. The atmosphere is very cozy, so you can enjoy a nice beer here and enjoy your food!

DOCKyard, MediaCity and other locations are cool, fun hotspots that are unique in their own way. Have you ever visited Manchester? Which street food do you enjoy eating?


  • alice brely

    alice brely


    Hehehehe. I was directed to the Corn exchange Manchester and I was lost at making a choice. I saw lots of restaurants in the building and I had to ask for help before I could reach a decision. I finally got Gino D’Acampo and luckily I got a space and enjoyed the tastiest meal and the friendliest waitress.

  • Dammy



    Even though the Ask Italian restaurant is quite expensive, I still enjoyed even their simplest meals. My wife kept on insisting that we are spending much on food but she wasn’t ready either to quit going there. Lol.

  • Seadals Initiative

    Seadals Initiative


    If I am to state honestly which option is the best on this list, I’ll say Missoula. The restaurant is everything nice, cozy, affordable and serves very delicious meals. I’ve been there countless times and still can’t get enough.

  • Alicia Key

    Alicia Key


    Chris’ Corner Manchester is sure the best and most affordable place to get good coffee and delicious freshly baked cakes! Ahhh! I can imagine myself back there!

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