The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking

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The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking

The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking

Backpacking is one of the best thing you could do to have one trip to remember! There are so much things to do, to see and to experience while backpacking around the globe that you really won’t change this way of travelling with anything else you have experienced before. Today we are here to show you which are the best tips to create the perfect backpacking project for a lifetime experience!

Are you excited about it? Let’s get started!


ultimate guide to backpacking Think Hostel

Create the perfect Itinerary

First things first. Before you jump into this new exciting experience you really need to create the perfect itinerary to make the most of your trip. Planning ahead is something you really need to focus on as this part is crucial to have the best deals and, most of all, to really have an idea what kind of trip you are going to live.

Backpacking is one of the best thing Think Hostel

Book some stay here and there

Even if you want to live your backpacking experience completely outdoor in an adventurous way you should totally consider to stop somewhere here and there to have a shower, recharge and get ready to keep going. Remember to book in advance to find the best solutions (maybe with some free cancellation option to have some extra flexibility and independency all over your trip) and to already know where to stop by to optimize your travel time and money!

First things first Think Hostel

Rent a Car

If you want to live in an adventurous way you should totally consider this option. Renting a car is the best way to reach different even distant places with your car to save money and time. Plus, you will have the chance to stop whenever and wherever you want even to take some pics or to start hiking.

Rent a car Think Hostel

Get ready with the right equipment

Remember to always plan ahead what you may need once you will be out and about. Bring everything you may need according to the weather conditions, the things you are going to do and the places you are going to explore.

Right Equipment Think Hostel

Have the perfect outfits for every occasion

Always bring some extra sweatshirt, something comfortable, light and adjustable for several different occasions. Don’t forget to bring some swimsuit too as, who knows, you could end up for a coastal mini trip or you will encounter some sauna or thermal bath on your way!

Perfect Outfits for every occasion Think Hostel

Exploring Europe or even other continents!

When it comes to backpacking you should totally know that you will have plenty of options to realise exactly the type of journey you want to embark. If you like to relax, the seaside and some outdoor activities you should rely on somewhere warm and exotic or you could find countries with a more relaxed and entertaining side and a more cultural one for a complete experience. Learn something about the places that could be interesting for you and, once you have them, you can find the best way to create a wider project connecting them into one beautiful project called trip.

Exploring Europe Think Hostel

Get real and authentic

We highly recommend you to use this backpacking experience has a lifetime opportunity to get the best of the local culture and reality. Living a travelling experience like this give you so many different chances to learn something more about the most hidden and authentic side of the local history and its habits, meeting new people and connecting with the locals having glimpses of a unique side so far away from the most common usual touristic path.

backpacking experience Think Hostel

Bring a Travel Map (a real one!)

Don’t underestimate the power of an old-fashioned paper map! While exploring, especially when you will be exploring the natural side of your travel experience, you may have some issue with your mobile devices due to no signal or no battery. In order to have a great plan b, bring a map and you will be halfway there!


Bring a Map Think Hostel


Remember to change your money in local Currency

This is something more practical but, as soon as you can, change your money into the local currency to always have the chance to pay for what you need. Even if you could always use your credit card don’t take it for granted and always have a plan B with some local cash with you.

local currency Think Hostel

These are our best tips for your next backpacking experience. We really hope you liked it and that this will be useful for what’s to come! Enjoy your trip!

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