About Us

What we do?

We're a travel community platform that connects local businesses to travel influencers who blog and they help inspire travellers to experience the local businesses. We then aid the local business share their experience with both bloggers and traveller and hence forms our community of sharing experiences.


Founded in 2017, our goal is to help 1 million people travel every month and become the largest travel experience platform, offering a broad range of technology travel booking options. Across 1000 most visited cities and include services in accommodations, restaurants, attractions, nightlife, tours, special day experiences, extreme sports, things to do and ensuring travelers feel local when exploring new places, this is a one stop travel solution targeting the budget traveller.

Our Team

Creative Travel Professionals

We are travel nomads from every corner, working collectively and connecting you with the right people in travel. Our doors are always open, suggestions welcome...
Account Management

Earning Money

How can you earn money with us?

Think Hostel provides various ways that help you can earn money from working with us, recommending and signing up a business, we will set up an affiliate fee of 10% our our fee, of the specific business generated bookings will be paid to you as a way of saying thank you. You can sign up as many and continue growing your revenue and even suggest new ways we can improve this model of working in our travel community.


The working partnership percentage is currently 20%. We will put out 10% of fee to travellers who inspire through recommendation, sign up, referral and continuous content sharing as an affiliate fee for partnering with us on growing the brand.

Local Business

We offer Promotion Plans, business owners will have their business appear at special spots on our site, and at the top of search results page. Deliver more value to the both business and travel blogger, since they inspire more travellers to buy the experience and then share it.

Travel Bloggers

We enabled a special feature and now have bloggers publishing post on our site and our traffic is shared, so visitors can view who wrote and publish and check out more of your work plus even contact you.